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Disabled Parking: Your Rights

By: Jennie Kermode - Updated: 4 Jun 2020 | comments*Discuss
Disabled Blue Badge Disability Parking

Figuring out what you are and are not allowed to do with your car when you're disabled can be complicated. Many people don't realise that they don't actually need to own or drive a car in order to be covered under disability parking schemes. It's possible to get help even if you don't receive disability benefits, and you can even get special arrangements made to help you park close to your own home.

The Blue Badge Scheme

Most parts of Britain are covered by the Blue Badge scheme. This differs slightly in England, Scotland and Wales, but the basic principle is the same. You can apply for a blue badge from your local council - just call their general enquiries number or visit their website. Your blue badge will give you special parking privileges to make it easier for you to stop your car close to where you need to be.

If you are registered blind, are receiving the high rate of Disability Living Allowance for mobility or are receiving a War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement, you can get a blue badge automatically. If you are not in this situation but you do have a disability that makes it difficult to get around (including difficulty in carrying things or the need to keep heavy medical equipment close to you), you can apply for a badge on a discretionary basis. You can use your badge in any car.

You don't need to be the driver of a car to use your blue badge, as long as you are travelling in it. It must be clearly on display at all times when you are parked. If you ride a motorbike you can get a special secure permit holder to keep it safe.

Local Badge Schemes

Some major cities have their own badge schemes to prevent congestion. These badges make special parking provisions available to local residents only. If you have a blue badge, however, you can still park in the specially designated blue badge parking spaces in these cities.

In Northern Ireland, a blue badge will give you access to some areas but you will need a white badge for others. This single scheme applies across the whole of the country.

Where You Can Park

A blue badge will let you park in registered blue badge parking spaces. You can park anywhere that there is an on-street parking meter or a pay and display machine without having to pay, for as long as you want. You can park on single or double yellow lines as long as there are no signs prohibiting loading and unloading, but in England and Wales you are only allowed to do this for up to three hours at a time.

Some private car parks operate special rules for blue badge holders; for instance, supermarkets may have reserved parking spaces close to their entrances. Sometimes private car parks offer free parking to badge holders where they charge other users, but you will have to check the rules on entering them. Disabled drivers have no automatic right to use private car parks for free.

Blue badge access does not apply at most airports but some have their own special facilities for disabled travellers arriving by car. Your travel agent will be able to help you clarify this in each case.

Parking Near Home

If your disability means that you need to park close to your home, your local council can help. If you live in an area where everybody parks on the street, you can arrange to have a special disabled parking space created for your car or for a car driven by somebody living at your address who helps you get around.

If you have private parking at your home but can't always access it because of how other people park, you can ask the council to mark the street as an access route. If your disability means you can no longer use the parking facilities on your property, you can apply for a reserved on street parking space.

Parking Abroad

Parking arrangements for disabled people vary a great deal around the world, but in the EU the rules are starting to be standardised. You can now use a blue badge in most EU countries. Your travel agent should be able to help you clarify the rules for particular destinations.

Blue badges are also accepted in some countries outside the EU. Some American states now recognise them, but as a rule it is best to apply for a temporary visitor's disabled access permit in each state you intend to visit.

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Hi I live in a residential area with 3 disabled parking spaces, I understand anyone can use parking space but 1 lady has a disabled daughter parks her car in any disabled space free which she has the right to do I know BUT she has a gated parking space in her back garden which she keeps her CARAVAN in which mean either myself or two neighbours have to park half way up our street, Surely if you have a gated area you should use it and not as a caravan park.???????? THANK YOU.
Doaker - 4-Jun-20 @ 6:57 PM
I am Disabled Older lady who lives alone and has problems with my Neighbours. They sometimes park Over my driveway so I can't access it. They have 4 vehicles, one of which is a huge van (one down from a lorry). I have asked if they would only part their car outside my house because I cant see round their van and the maneover is painful with my disabilities but they still Park there rather thanin other parking spots. Sometimes this van also parks so I cant even get in the driveway! I've tried to reason with them but its hopeless and I'm frightened of the owner. What can I do, theres no answer! Is it possible to have a Disabled parking spot outside my house on these grounds. I've even considered parking round the corner away from my house because of access but that seems crazy.! Help!
Jan - 27-May-20 @ 10:49 PM
I am Requesting for a Handcap pole to be place outside my home.
Winnie - 27-Apr-20 @ 4:18 PM
My husband is a blue badge holder and parked in a disabled bay clearly showing his blue badge in a local pub car park. The pub has recently been refurbed and has installed a company called Smart parking. We have been a patron of this pub for many years and were meeting friends for lunch for the first time since the refurb. My husband has to walk with a stick and it was pouring down with rain and just went i to the pub never knowing you had to register your number plate with the machine in the pub. We appealed and even sent the bar bill receipt which clearly shows the date and time we were in the pub but the appeal has been rejected. What are our rights please.
Maggie - 4-Mar-20 @ 10:00 PM
Hi The council have just installed controlled parking zones.it says resident permit holders on the meter. Can I park there with my blue badge for as long as I want and for free? Resident permit holders
Tracy - 18-Feb-20 @ 7:26 PM
I just got a ticket whilst parked on a very wide path against my garden wall. Are you not allowed to park on paths?
pasty - 15-Feb-20 @ 12:44 PM
I have a disabled bay in residents parking which is part of my care plan put in place some years ago. I was told that it was just for my own use, but now I have been told that anyone can use it. Is this right? Also one of our neighbours will park on the chevrons which can make it extremely difficult to get in. Is there anything we can do?
Carol - 9-Feb-20 @ 12:00 PM
I have a disabled bay in residents parking which is part of my care plan put in place some years ago. It was for my use only but I have since been told that anyone can use it. Is this right? Also one of our neighbours will park on the chevrons which can make getting in very difficult. He doesn't see the problem, is there anything we can do?
Carol - 9-Feb-20 @ 11:53 AM
My wife has mobility car for our severely disabled son. The car is to big to park up the driveway (unless she wants to leave our son and his wheelchair in the car) can i apply to get disabled parking plaque put outside my house. Please any advice is welcome thanks
Cheeky83 - 7-Jan-20 @ 8:48 PM
i took my disabled brothers car shopping returned home parked in disabled baywhere he parks(outside home), took shopping in and to get the badge off my bother (as he don't leave badge in car when I use) as i returned to put badge in, the ticket guy said its to late and continued to issue a ticket. Is this worth appealing?
Mikelib - 3-Jan-20 @ 9:01 PM
I have received a parking ticket at a privately run car park it said to display your blue badge which I did and parked in a disabled bay the parking is run on registration reconision which I did not relised . the time limit was 120 mins and I was timed leaving at 150 mins I thought I had 3 hours it is a small retail park so there was 2 shops I need to go to which took me longer to get to can you give me any advice please
Elliemay - 12-Dec-19 @ 9:52 PM
In January my husband applied for a disabled parking bay. We live in a village where there are double yellow lines end outside of our front door, followed with a four space restricted 1 hour parking bay.. Trying to find a parking space in the village is very difficult made worse as not only is my husband dealing with a degenerative spinal condition, he is unable to stand for more than a few minutes or walk more than a few metres unaided plus mainly confined to a wheelchair. I am his carer, but 4 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 aggressive cancer,several months of chemotherapy, two operations followed by radiotherapy (now in remission) but this year diagnosed with a rare blood disorder which leaves me tired, breathless and requires life ongoing treatment. HIghways department were confident that he would be successful in his application as he had a disability badge and met all the requirements. we were assured the parking bay would be mandatory. For several months we heard nothing, so after a phone call to the county council we were told it was still being processed and could take up to nine months. All seemed ok. I then noticed in the 'minutes' of the village local parish meeting, the application was discussed back in July. The parish Councillors rejected the disabled parking bay on the grounds that there are very few parking spaces, that the restricted spaces near to our front door are constantly required for the village post office & shop and therefore my husband's application to the county council was rejected by the local parish Councillors.. Yet in the August 'minutes', the parish Councillors agreed to allowed a particular carer to park on double yellow lines within the village for a period of one hour. each time. We still have not heard anything "officially" either from the parish councillors or from the county council. do we have legal grounds to appeal the local parish council decision ?
sputnik - 22-Oct-19 @ 11:45 AM
hi parking on a corner with double yellow lines is this ok i need to as it is the nearest to my daughters school
hele55 - 11-Oct-19 @ 9:05 PM
If a car is parked in a disabled bay and is not displaying a blue badge, I'm I allowed to block the car in if i require the space? Just a question as the parking disabled bays where i live in edinburgh are constantly abused. Thanks
Bones - 10-Oct-19 @ 11:40 AM
Can a blue badge holder park a motor home in a disabled parking bay
John - 25-Sep-19 @ 12:15 PM
In our road we have bays where 2 wheels have to be on the pavement. I had two rear wheels out of the bay slightly. My blue badge was on display. I appealed my parking ticket, they rejected it. My fine was £55. If I went further on appeal I would have to pay the full cost, £110. Is this right? I didn’t think it would be a problem with a badge. The council have made 2 parking bays smaller when they repaired then painted again. I’ve asked several parking wardens who have said they wouldn’t have given a ticket
T - 23-Sep-19 @ 8:05 PM
I live in 15Roslin Gardens,Tullycarnet. Our house is a “back to front house”in that access by traffic is by Kilmory Gardens. My wife is on oxygen and is Registered blind. Carers come 4 times a day. We have a ramp built which makes it easier for easy access if she needs to go out for hospital appointments or if there’s an emergency. We are constantly getting cars and one time a Housing Executive van parking immediately outside our gate. I’m fed up going out and putting no parking signs on vehicles. My wife is on DLA and a disability badge, but no car. I was told that because we haven’t got a car we can’t get yellow lines painted on the road, is this true?
Bertie - 22-Sep-19 @ 1:06 PM
I'm a carer for a wheelchair bound MS suffer, she currently has a blue badge but no disabled parking bay outside her house, she lives in a little banjo and parking is very limited, her next door neighbour has knocked this week and had a diablitity bay put in for herself outside my ladies home and said that she isn't allowed to use the disabled bay that it's for her only she has her door number painted in the disabled bay however this limits my lady from accessing her own disability vehicle is the neighbour allied to refuse use of the diablitity parking space?
Tone - 17-Sep-19 @ 11:59 AM
I was parked in a supermarket carpark in scotland but it had a time limit of 3 hours on it i left and was slightly over and got a 100 pound ticket i went to carpark and there was a sign saying a limit of 3 hours parking nothing on the sign mentioned a time limit on disabled parking i thought unless stated disable parking had no time limit should i pay this fine
Mick - 14-Sep-19 @ 12:25 PM
Sorry ment to add that it's outside my house it has a white line by it
None - 9-Sep-19 @ 8:59 AM
I have the blue badge, can I park on a street drop kirb that's not used by anyone??
None - 9-Sep-19 @ 8:45 AM
My mum is a dialysis patient and has an ambulance pick her up and drop her off 3 x times a week and always has a problem parking right out side the house as other home owners park outside. What do I do about getting a disabled spot??
Berny - 4-Sep-19 @ 1:50 PM
My wife has mobility car but is embarrassed to obtain her blue badge. Would she be able to park car in disabled bay?
Johnpaul - 2-Sep-19 @ 3:34 PM
Hi All, I am a blue badge holder and there are always cars/trucks parked a few feet away making it un-safe to do this. Has anyone got any ideas that might help me. Could I get council to yellow line this ? Thanks, Andy
Andy - 31-Aug-19 @ 11:47 PM
My mum has a disability and has a disable parking outside her house on a street park unfortunately 8 out 10 times non disabled or inconsiderate drivers abuse the parking facilities regularly. What's the point of having the marking if you can't get access to it.
Gary - 23-Aug-19 @ 8:22 AM
In July I took my mom shopping at our local shopping centre,parking for everyone is free for upto 3 hrs. I went with my mom who is disabled and has a blue badge into 1 shop..i then realised my mom or myself never put the badge on the dash. When I ran out the store I immediately seen a yellow ticket under my wiper. I ran back into the store to tell my mom to stay there while I looked for the parking attendant. I found the lady parking attendant,explained we just forgot to put in on the dash,the vehicle is mobility and this is my moms badge and she can come into the store with me to confirm I'm with my mom. She said dont worrie I'll cancel the ticket as she also knew we are regulars at our shopping place,and I far as I seen she cancelled it on the mobile device they use. This incident happened on 14/07/2019,I have since received a ticket on 15/08/2019 for £100 pounds for parking in a disabled bay without displaying blue badge. Surely the parking company who requested the address off the vehicle from DVLA seen it was a mobility car?? I just want to know what my rights are,as I was told by the parking warden and showing her the evidence this was an honest mistake.
Clairabella - 15-Aug-19 @ 7:13 PM
We live in a leasehold flat service charge we bought the flatwe have a disabled parking only sign but non residents park to close as the parking space isn’t wide enough my husband 1 leg severely disabled has to use a four wheeled walker but he carnt get down to the door to narrow he’s 79 what can we do he has a blue badge
None - 30-Jul-19 @ 6:28 PM
My parents Mr & Mrs Lad of 19 Rowland Street Rugby CV21 2BN, had there disabled parking bay markings done on the street in front of the house.The Bay is too small and if both cars are park up to the lines given on either side, we can’t park our cars as it just too small and don’t have room for our wheel chairs.Both parents are disabled and use wheel chairs. Can anyone come and make the disabled bay larger in length.Mobile 07871 444766
Nita - 24-Jul-19 @ 2:56 PM
My parents Mr & Mrs Lad of 19 Rowland Street Rugby CV21 2TF, had there disabled parking bay markings done on the street in front of the house.The Bay is too small and if both cars are park up to the lines given on either side, we can’t park our cars as it just too small and don’t have room for our wheel chairs.Both parents are disabled and use wheel chairs. Can anyone come and make the disabled bay larger in length.Mobile 07871 444766
Nita - 24-Jul-19 @ 2:26 PM
Recently parked in a Adur District carpark and on return had recieved a PCN I was parked on a disabled bay with blue badge showing ,having parked at this location before only to learn that the council now charge Blue Badge holders the same as every one else ,I was totaly unaware and the change had been made in January evidently ,is it worth appealing ,thanks in advance..
Pete - 1-Jul-19 @ 10:16 AM
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