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Paying a Fair Price for a Used Mobility Scooter

By: Jonathan Webb - Updated: 3 Jul 2020 | comments*Discuss
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There is a huge range of mobility scooters to choose from, ranging from the light weight 3 wheel variety, suitable mainly for short distance trips, to the more substantial 4 wheel type, which are not only usually more robust, but often have a higher speed as well.

How much is a fair price for a mobility scooter? Well, obviously, this will depend on numerous factors. First of all you need to determine what your actual budget is. It is no good hankering after an all singing and all dancing mobility scooter if you do not wish to spend that amount of money.

Second hand mobility scooters come onto the market relatively regularly and can often be seen in the classified sections of local newspapers or advertised in shop windows. The cost of these can vary considerably, so you need to check the scooter over to ensure that you are not being asked to pay too much for a scooter that may be in need of repair or may be on the old side.

A good way of finding out how much you should have to pay is to ask a mobility scooter dealer how much they would allow you in a part exchange deal, should you wish to use the scooter you are interested in buying. To get a true idea of price, you would need to know the age and condition of the mobility scooter in question and if it has received any replacement parts, such as a new electric motor or new batteries, in recent months.

Obviously, the figure given by the dealer may well be on the low side, as he will probably be hoping to sell the mobility scooter on at a profit, but it should give you a ball park figure to play with.

Comparing Prices

If you are thinking of buying a second hand mobility scooter through a dealer, it is worth looking around at other scooter dealers in the locality to compare prices. If, for example, two dealers have similar mobility scooters for sale that you are interested in, it may be worth enquiring if the higher price dealer will do a deal to undercut the lower priced mobility scooter dealer. This may mean you only save a few pounds, but every little helps and it depends on how keen the company is too do business and if the mobility scooter for sale has been in the shop for a long time, without anyone showing much interest.

It is also always worth asking a mobility scooter dealer for their best price. Some will not be open to negotiation, but others may be able to do you a good deal that is below the advertised price. Again, it may only save you a few pounds but that is money you can put towards new tyres or batteries for your scooter. If the scooter dealer will not budge on price, and you really want the scooter on offer in their shop, ask if they can throw in a few extras to go with it.

Before purchasing a second hand mobility scooter, ask the seller about availability of spare parts. Some scooters by the same manufacturer have parts that are suitable for a range of their models, but you need to confirm this. If obtaining replacement components is going to be difficult. it may be worth thinking twice before committing yourself, as you do not want to be stuck with a mobility scooter that you cannot use once a part fails that cannot be repaired or replaced.

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I have a mobility scooter for sale it is a shop rider
chris - 3-Jul-20 @ 5:13 PM
I dont know how much of a good idea is to buy a used scooter. I rather buy it new since its something you going to have for a while and might as well get it with their warranty. I got a tzora that came with 3 year warranty and after 2 years it had a little problem on the bumper and they came and fixed it.
Giogirl - 13-May-20 @ 3:20 PM
We have a trophy 20 made by handicare that’s in good condition, I have paid £700 but never used, it has slight damage to the arm on one side! How much realistically cud I expect to sell it on for?
Marg - 20-Jan-20 @ 7:16 PM
i got a aquesoothe travel lite in good condition only want 40 pounds for it need gone as soon as possible
Pat - 16-Nov-19 @ 10:14 AM
I have a Shoprider Echo Folding scooter in red in like new condition only used 3 times by my grandfather around grocery store it is easy to fold and charge and to go around in asking $650 originally paid $1,199.00 plus shipping and handling if interested please contact Michael at (916)307-0475 we are located in Sacramento California
Letti - 13-Sep-19 @ 7:42 AM
I have a choice of 2nd Go Go Elite Traveller Plus of Colt 9 for my 91 year old dad. He only wants it to Go down the road to shops and visit his wife in care home, both half a mile away. There is a steep drive with little speed bumps to the care home. Which is best for him? Both are £250.
Sandy - 5-Jul-19 @ 8:24 AM
I am looking to buy a second hand mobility scooter for my 91 year old father. I have a choice of a Go Go Elite Traveller plus or a Colt 9. I don'tknow what the best one for him would be. He only needs it to go down the road .5 mile to the shops and even closer to the care home to visit his wife, this has a steep drive with little speed bumps. Which one would suit him best. They are both £250.
Sandy - 5-Jul-19 @ 8:18 AM
i got a shoprider mobility scooter not in bad condition little rust on it but in good working ordered new batteries only want 100 pounds for it need to get rid of asap
Pat - 22-Apr-19 @ 9:17 PM
I have two mobility scooters for sale and one is a rascel and other shoprider
Baz - 4-Apr-19 @ 9:18 AM
I have two mobility scooters for sale One rascel and other shop rider
Baz - 4-Apr-19 @ 9:15 AM
I have two mobility scooters for sale One is a little rascel and other is a shop rider.
Baz - 4-Apr-19 @ 9:13 AM
Hi I have a pride colt 9 mobility scooter only what £210for it mouth old
Trace - 5-Feb-19 @ 9:28 PM
Hi i have a red Pride Quest folding mobility scooter just over a year old in red, used twice, and only to the end of the street paid over £1800, want £1000 ono
jaysnan - 1-Aug-18 @ 3:45 PM
Aluminium wheelchair still got white wheels immaculate
Gina - 8-Jul-18 @ 6:11 PM
I have a go go ultra red scooter 3 wheel and a Lynx L-3 blue scooter 3 wheel. Used lightly.
Blondie - 6-Jan-18 @ 10:00 AM
Brand new never used sterling pearl 4 wheel scooter
Danielle - 22-Jun-17 @ 9:13 PM
I have a invacare comet mobility scooter that's 9 months old it comes with the basket 2 mirrors and a lockable security box I would like around £1000 is this a fare price
Julia1656 - 21-May-17 @ 2:09 PM
I've got a wheelchair and mobility scooter and walking frame that belonged to my mum hardly been used
Shirl - 6-Oct-16 @ 12:47 AM
I have a mobility scooter rascel338 a black wheelchair a red walking frame still in box which belonged to my mum all in good condition the scooter as had 2 new battery's before Christmas hardly been used
Shirl - 6-Oct-16 @ 12:43 AM
i would like to sell my mobility scooter it is 5 years old it has new battery has 4 wheels it is a Dalton is like new s141450 lb please let me knowthank you
pat - 4-Jul-16 @ 9:29 PM
Hi I have 2 mobility scooters and a recliner chair for sale, would you be interested in buying them from me Thanks
Linda - 29-Jun-16 @ 9:17 AM
I need to sell my dad's scooter he took very good care of it in top condition what should I ask for it
LisaM - 25-Mar-16 @ 12:24 AM
hello i would like to sell my mobility scooter, would you be interested in buying it from me.
jackie - 15-Feb-16 @ 2:48 PM
I have a year old Royale 4 mobility scooter
Jan - 2-Feb-16 @ 10:51 PM
Hi I am looking into selling my mobility scooter and wondering if you would be interested at giving me a quote thanks
Andy - 20-Jun-15 @ 3:51 PM
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