Types Of Bed Pans And How To Use Them

Incontinence and other problems with using the bathroom can be a difficult subject to talk about. But if you or a loved one are struggling in this area, know that you’re not alone. As many as 300 million people around the world have problems with incontinence and it’s something we …

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What is Quadriplegia – From A Quadriplegic’s Perspective

Quadriplegia is combination of two words. “Quad” which originates from Latin word for four and “plegia” which means paralysis. It’s paralysis below neck including all four limbs and trunk.  One of the major cause of Quadriplegia is damage to the nerves of spinal cord in neck region(cervical spine between C1-C8) …

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Holiday Let For Disabled Customers: What Are the Guidelines?

There are quite a few sources of guidelines and information for adapting holiday properties for disabled guests. The problems are knowing where to look and deciding what to do when the various bits of information and legislation on disabled access contradict each other, which they sometimes do. Access for All …

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