For the traveller who is disabled travelling anywhere can sometimes be a frustrating experience. The website was set up to help travellers with a disability access services which should make their experience of travelling much more pleasant.

Topics covered include travelling by air, sea and rail. Also included is advice on such things as buying a car and its adaptation to your individual needs.

We also look at the benefits system and how to plan things so that you do not lose out on your disability benefits when you are on holiday. There are also sections on travelling with an assistance dog.

For those disabled people that just want to get about their local area, we also cover topics relating to the purchase, hire and maintenance of mobility scooters. As part of this we go into detail about such things as breakdown cover, whether to buy a new or second hand mobility scooter and taking your mobility scooter on public transport. In addition the section also deals with schemes such as Shopmobility, which allows disabled shoppers to hire mobility scooters to travel around towns and cities to do their shopping.

For those who have no, or limited, transport there is also ring and ride. The website offers advice on using the service.