Welcome to Disabled Travel Advice

For the traveller who is disabled travelling anywhere can sometimes be a frustrating experience. The website was set up to help travellers with a disability access services which should make their experience of travelling much more pleasant.

Air Travel when Deaf or Hearing Impaired

If you are deaf or have a hearing impairment and will require assistance at the airport it is advisable to inform your travel agent or the airline company you are travelling with as soon as possible so that they may make the necessary staffing arrangements. It is best, if at …

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Air Travel for Wheel Chair Users

Being disabled should not be a barrier to air travel and holidays. The important thing is to plan ahead and let the airline, travel agent or tour operator know what type of assistance you will require at the airport or on the plane. Try and give the airline as much …

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Why are Mobility Scooters so expensive?

The price of mobility scooters depends on many factors, including the make and model, the accessories that are included, and the dealership’s cost of overhead. The average price of a mobility scooter ranges anywhere from £1,000 to £6,000. Price is always dependent on location and dealer mark-up. However, there is …

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