The Best Scents For Your Bathroom

The bathroom isn’t just a place to spruce up and get clean. It can be a relaxing space and there’s nothing more tranquil than choosing beautiful scents that compliment your bathroom. 

However, there are certain fragrances that just work better in a bathroom. You wouldn’t use something like Christmas cookie candles in a bathroom or coffee scented wax melts; it just doesn’t fit the brief. 

If you’ve been struggling with scents then don’t worry. I’ve put together a list of some stunning fragrances that will turn your bathroom into an oasis of calm and relaxation. 

Choosing The Right Scents For Your Bathroom

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and if you’re anything like me, that time is largely spent relaxing in a hot bath with a luxurious bath bomb. But regardless of what you’re doing in there, you want it to feel fresh, clean and inviting. 

The problem is that the bathroom is a place where things can get a little stinky; people using the toilet, a dirty laundry basket and other things can make it very unwelcoming if it’s not taken good care of. Scent not only makes an already clean bathroom feel more inviting but it can also help to relax you when you’re in there. 

Problems with poor airflow and high levels of moisture can cause a bathroom to take on a musty smell and thi is never pleasant. While I would say that covering these smells with pretty scents is a good idea, I’d also urge you to get to the root of the problem and stop it in its tracks.

When it comes to choosing the best scent for your bathroom, there are many things you’ll want to take into consideration. For starters, you’ll need to think about the style of the bathroom. You’ll find that certain scents match particular styles a lot more closely. For example, if you’ve got a bright blue bathroom then an ocean scent might work well. 

It’s also important not to use anything too powerful in the bathroom when it comes to home fragrance. Some scents, like cinnamon, for example, can be headache inducing and some people find it downright offensive. While it might compliment a winter’s evening by the log fire, it won’t be so well received in the bathroom.

Generally speaking, light, fresh and airy fragrances work best in the bathroom. Things like citrus scents, soft floral notes and fresh linen are all great choices. However, if you prefer something a little warmer, then going for coconut or vanilla will be pleasing without being too over the top. 

Which fragrance works best in your bathroom will come down to a lot of personal things such as your age, preference and style. So, choose something that feels right for you. 

The Best Bathroom Scents

If you’re keen to find a new bathroom scent, look no further. While the world is your oyster, I’ve put together some information on some of the most popular bathroom scents that really work well in the smallest room in the house. 

Ocean Scent

Ocean scents are really uplifting and fresh as well as making the room feel more vibrant. With aquatic notes, they can feel quite sporty but they’re also really clean-smelling so if you want your bathroom to appear super hygienic, ocean scents are a great option. They’re also brilliant if you want a more modern feel. 

The great thing about these fragrances is that you can often get them in toiletries as well. If you’re setting up a guest bathroom and want your visitors to have a matching theme, why not go the whole hog and buy shower gels, soaps, lotions and deodorants in the same scent as your home fragrance?

Clean Cotton

Clean linen scents are hugely popular in the bathroom and it’s no wonder because they work well with almost any decor. These neutral scents are fresh and comforting and they’ll also work well in the bedroom so if you’re scenting an en-suite, you can carry the theme through. 

The great thing about clean cotton fragrances is that they’re strong without being over the top. You can buy oils and only need to add a few drops to some strategically placed cotton balls or on your bathroom linen for a huge hit of fragrance. 

Floral Fragrances

There are lots of floral fragrances that work very well in the bathroom. One of my personal  favourites is jasmine which is a sensual and romantic fragrance. In India, they use jasmine as one of the main wedding flowers and it’s incredibly feminine and intoxicating. 

There are both floral and light woody tones to jasmine and it works very well when used in scented candles. If you like to have a relaxing bath, especially in summertime, jasmine is the perfect partner. You could even use jasmine petals to add to the theme.

Rose is another scent that works excellently in the bathroom. It has a very distinct fragrance but is soft and totally inoffensive. Just like ocean scents, there are tons of cosmetics and toiletries that come in this scent so you can really go all out with your theme. 

It’s also a great opportunity to hit the other senses as you can use visual effects as well as scent. Position rose coloured objects and linen as well as using synthetic flowers or pot pourri for a real cosy and inviting feel.

Lavender is by far one of the most popular bathroom scents and this is largely because of how relaxing it is. The scent has long been associated with peace and tranquillity and is ideal for long hot baths. 

Moreover, lavender is brilliant if you have trouble sleeping so again, if you’re scenting your en-suite, you can carry the fragrance through to the bedroom, making it easier to drop off at night. It’s easy to use fresh lavender and this will give the most natural fragrance. However, there are so many lavender scented candles, air fresheners and oils that you’ll be spoiled for choice. 

Tropical Fresh

I’ve seen a lot of bathrooms that have tropical themed decor and you can get a scent to match this perfectly well. Plenty of bathroom cleaning products come with a tropical scent and this is a great base layer.

Things like pineapple, coconut, vanilla, tropical flowers and plants can really brighten up the bathroom and make you feel as though you’re relaxing on a beautiful island. 

I think this style works well in bathrooms where there is a lot of greenery and tropical themed items such as brightly coloured linen and shower curtains. 

Alpine Fresh

When you think of alpine fresh, you might think of public toilets that have been cleaned with that awful pine-scented disinfectant. But the home fragrance industry has come a very long way and there’s no need to assault your nose like that anymore. 

In fact, this is a lovely springtime scent and plenty of products have a warm yet fresh woody aroma that’ll turn your bathroom into a real breath of fresh air. 

There are lots of toilet products and bathroom cleaners with this fragrance and many of them are incredibly strong. However, you can compliment these with things like reed diffusers and air fresheners if you really want to make a scent statement in the bathroom. 

I feel that alpine fresh scents are wonderful in bathrooms with a lot of wood or a Nordic theme. 


If you are looking for a scent that’s going to be uplifting and refreshing then there aren’t many others like eucalyptus. I love using these scents when I’m feeling a little stuffy as they’re perfect for clearing your nose.

For anyone looking for a scent to complement a minimalist bathroom style, eucalyptus works very well. It’ll make your bathroom feel clean and fresh without adding anything that’s too over the top. 

I also think that this is a perfect option for a white bathroom suite. It’ll almost give it a spa-like quality at the same time as keeping the whole vibe uplifting. Eucalyptus is definitely a more modern fragrance than some of the others on this list. 

Citrusy Scents

Citrus scents come in so many types; there’s zesty lemon, sweet orange, tangy bergamot and so many more. They’re great on their own or you can pair them with other things like lavender or herbaceous scents like rosemary for something richer and more luxurious. 

In any case, citrus scents will add a sense of fresh fun and vibrancy to the bathroom and it can often work well if you want something that’s going to wake you up in the morning. As with other things like alpine scents, there are so many cleaning products with a citrus fragrance. Use these to clean your bathroom and then add air fresheners or diffusers to keep that citrus feel all throughout the day.

In terms of decor, I think citrus scents work really well with bright colours. And you can match these colours to the scent. Yellow for lemon or grapefruit, green for lime and so on. It’s a great way to bring some personality to the bathroom. 

How To Scent Your Bathroom

Understanding which fragrances to use in your bathroom is one thing but you’ll also need to select how you’re going to add those scents. As I have mentioned several times throughout this guide so far, there are cleaning products in a whole host of scents. These are a great way to create a layered effect. By cleaning your bathroom with this and then adding some of the following on top, you’ll create a rich, scent haven. 

Candles And Wax Melts

Candles are a brilliant way to make your bathroom feel more like a spa. Even in the smallest spaces, adding scented candles can bring an air of luxury and tranquillity. What’s more, these candles come in some beautiful designs so they can add aesthetic appeal as well. 

I also love how homely candles can make a room feel. Bathrooms can often lack personality but these simple things can change all of that. You might even use different candles at different times of the day. For example, you may use a citrus candle in the morning to revive yourself whereas a lavender candle is ideal for your evening routine. 

Some candles are so strong that they will fill a small bathroom with scent without even being lit. These make a wonderful addition to small guest bathrooms and you can light them just before people come to stay.


If you really want to make a statement with your bathroom scent then a diffuser is a fantastic way to achieve this. These powered devices use water and essential oils to blast fragrance into the air and they don’t do it by halves. 

On top of this, the best diffusers will eliminate bacteria and purify the air making your bathroom even more hygienic and comfortable. 

It’s great because you can mix and match oils to create a unique fragrance or follow one of the many ‘recipes’ online for any occasion. 

However, powered diffusers aren’t the only option and they’re not even possible in all bathrooms. But that’s where the humble reed diffuser really comes into its own. These are made from a small container filled with fragrance oil into which you place reeds that soak up the oil and diffuse it into the air. 

The great thing about reed diffusers is that they are less powerful so leave a delicate but noticeable scent in the room. They work best in smaller rooms but there are some very strong reed diffusers that’ll easily fill a large bathroom with fragrance. 

Air Fresheners

Automatic air fresheners are really good in bathrooms as they are low maintenance and give a consistent stream of scent over the course of the day. You can usually set them to go off at certain intervals such as every half an hour. 

What’s more, automatic air fresheners are safe to use as they run on batteries so there’s no need to connect them to power. There are lots of choices of fragrances and you’re not limited to one as you can switch them up as often as you like. 

Some automatic air fresheners are designed so that they look more like an ornament or decor piece which is nice if you want to make the space look as good as it smells. 

I’d recommend using an automatic air freshener in a small bathroom but if you do have a bigger bathroom, try placing it somewhere that it’s going to make the biggest impact, like next to the toilet. You can of course, also use spray air fresheners but these rely on your going back regularly to maintain a constant aroma. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are great because they are so versatile. There’s no need to use them in a diffuser if you don’t have one but since they’re so powerful, they can still fill a room with fragrance when used on their own. 

All you need to do is pop a few drops onto a cotton ball and place this somewhere in your bathroom. I’ve even seen people making decorative bowls filled with scented cotton balls and you’d be amazed at how well the smell projects. 

Essential oils are also brilliant if you dab them onto bathroom linen, the inside of the toilet roll tube and other places around the room.

However, if you prefer, you can also add them to water and use this as a homemade bathroom spray. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to use scents in different ways and really experiment until you find something that fits your bathroom perfectly.


Your bathroom might not be where you spend all of your time but I’d bet you spend a lot of time in there. Plus, when guests come over, the last thing you want is to put them off with a foul-smelling bathroom. 

But it’s so easy for bathrooms to develop as nasty odour due to the activity that goes on in there. The good news is that there are lots of ways to make your bathroom smell fresh and delightful.