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Common Problems with Mobility Scooters

By: Jonathan Webb - Updated: 21 Feb 2017 | comments*Discuss
Mobility Mobility Scooters Disabled

The use of mobility scooters has become increasingly popular in recent years, providing many disabled people with a life line to the outside world and giving them an element of independence that would otherwise prove difficult.

Generally speaking, mobility scooters are relatively reliable and need little maintenance. Mobility scooters have two major components. the electric motor and the battery that provides power to the motor along with the lights and horn.


Problems can occur to the battery, such as having to recharge it at regular intervals due to it not holding its charge for long periods. At its worst, this can mean having to put your mobility scooter on charge after every journey. Not only does this limit the distance you are able to travel, due to the chance that your mobility scooter may run out of battery power before you can make a full round trip, but can prove inconvenient as you are unable to make full use of your scooter due to the prolonged down time.

The main cause of batteries unable to hold their charge is old age. The only cure for this problem is to have a set of new batteries fitted. If you choose to have a set of bigger batteries installed, remember that although they may hold more charge, they can also be considerably heavier than normal sized mobility scooter batteries, which in turn means that your mobility scooter is heavier and needs more power to move, which in turn can drain the battery faster. If you are also using your lights on the mobility scooter, the battery's time between recharging will be reduced accordingly.


The electric motor on a mobility scooter is of a relatively simple design and usually quite rugged, able to withstand normal everyday use around towns and cities in most types of weather. It can, however, be damaged by, for example, mounting or dismounting a pavement without a dropped kerb or by driving your mobility scooter through an excessive wet area, such as a deep puddle. It is also possible to damage your mobility scooter's motor by driving through a very dusty or gritty area. The damage may not be immediately apparent, but dirt and grit that enters the motor's moving parts can cause the motor to fail at a later date.


The tyres on your mobility scooter will, at some time in the scooter's life, need to be replaced. This goes for whether they are solid, in filled or pneumatic type tyres.

Solid tyres will eventually need replacing due to general wear and tear, although they will probably last longer than the other two types. Due to their solidness, they are not always a popular choice with mobility scooter users, who prefer a more comfortable ride.

In filled tyres can also last a long time, and give a far superior ride to solid tyres. The main problem with these is that over time they will split and the in fill material, which is usually a spongy like material, will spill out making them unusable. Like any air filled tyre, pneumatic tyres are prone to punctures, in addition to the usual wear and tare.

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[Celebrity DX Sport] . There is a sensor somewhere that cuts off power when the tiller is turned excessively. It operates properly for a right turn but for a left turn the sensor cuts the power when the tiller is turned even a small amount away from straight ahead. [It recently had a flat tire changed andthe maladjustment happened when the tire was being changed.] Perhaps they shouldnt have put the scooter on its side.Where is the sensor and how do I adjust it?Thanks a lot if anyone can help.[ I have motor neuron disease and am otherwise confined to a wheelchair but one of my sons can probably follow any instructions.]Thanks in advance for taking the time to explain.
mike - 21-Feb-17 @ 3:30 AM
Hi. I have a Regatta scooter and only been out once on it. Now when i try to start the alarm sounds like an immobilliser is set on. Ive tried charging the batteries but this hasnt sold it. Ive had kids playing on it but turned off with keys out. Any advise on how to turn off the alarm and use it? Many thanks for any suggetions
Speedy - 19-Feb-17 @ 10:48 AM
My husband has a Genemax Evolution 8 scooter. The screw holding the Tiller Lever has sheared off. It has proved impossible to get the remaining piece of screw out of the lever. So far we have drawn a blank at being able to purchase a new lever. Any suggestions or help with purchasing a new lever would be gratefully apprecciated. Many thanks Jennywren.
Jennywren - 17-Feb-17 @ 1:45 PM
Hi,I have a Pride colt,its been left out in all weather batteries ok,but I have no power at the tiller
paulo - 15-Feb-17 @ 3:27 PM
I have a freerider mayfair, the problem is, it suffers from loss of power then it just comes back then it feels like the power isn't smooth. The batteries are fairly new. Thanks Rick
RWJ - 13-Feb-17 @ 7:58 PM
I have a Mikra mobility scooter and has had two new batteriesand they are fully charged the battery gauge light come on only on one show the rest are blank yet the scooter runs well , anyone help
SHADOW - 13-Feb-17 @ 2:13 PM
Hi I've got a mobility scooter when I turn key press forward it clicks and then moves same going back as well can any one help tried different bats and same
Vinni - 10-Feb-17 @ 2:21 PM
My tga eclipse has been stood for six months and I think the brake is stuck,any tips for freeing it,the battery has been disconnected
Jamie - 6-Feb-17 @ 3:16 PM
Hi,my mother in law has an Elite 8 scooter that has hardly ever been used and recently developed a fault in that it cuts out and starts bleeping on acceleration,just before it cuts out there is a noise coming from below the seat,almost like a chain coming loose on a bike?Could anyone shed any light on this fault?
Williemac62 - 2-Feb-17 @ 9:55 PM
@Nigel - complain the the council about it, especially if it is poorly maintained. The council will be on to it if there is a possibility someone could have an accident! Shell.
SeaShell45 - 1-Feb-17 @ 10:42 AM
Does anyone ever have problems getting over a level crossing with a mobility scooter? We have an independent railway line currently being restored that has a poorly maintained pedestrian level crossing that causes difficulties to scooter users and people using wheeled walking frames. The level crossing connects the local town centre with a housing estate.
Nigel - 31-Jan-17 @ 3:46 PM
Hi. I have come into position of a Pride Craftmatic Comfort Coach 4 mobility scooter but the speed controller doesn't work. Can you please tell me how to find out what is wrong.
geordie - 28-Jan-17 @ 3:51 PM
We have a Rascal Liteway 3 Balance scooter. The scooter is great apart from it keeps cutting out on slight rough pathways and the fault code is No8 (controller fault). . You can reset it by turning the key off and back on but it keeps cutting out. I bought a replacement controller and fitted it but we still have the same fault. Any suggestions please, I have already checked all the cables out.
Mike - 26-Jan-17 @ 4:29 PM
We have a liteway 3 Balance which is great but it keeps cuttong out on the slightest rough groundand the fault code is 8 flashes which is supposed to be faulty controller. I bought a replacement controller and this does exactly the same. Any ideas please.
Mike - 26-Jan-17 @ 4:17 PM
I have a gogo but for over a week it keeps stalling about ten times for every 45 mins that I'm on it then makes a beeping noise any idea what it can be
Tess - 26-Jan-17 @ 2:54 PM
Shoprider scooter the red green and amber lights on handlebars flash between green and amber when in use when turning it goes to red does this mean batteries are no good
Tina Parker - 24-Jan-17 @ 9:37 PM
my wifes mobility scooter is in drive, but just clicks when you switch it on and wont move, any help greatly appreciated.
Roberto - 23-Jan-17 @ 9:16 PM
Not enough info to make a diagnosis Chris.
Twizzel - 21-Jan-17 @ 10:51 PM
My mobility scooter is new but is not working well.it now won't start and it says diagnostic on it.what could this be please - does anyone know
Chris - 21-Jan-17 @ 1:25 AM
Sounds like you forgot to put in the key to lock the wheel to the shaft bonzo.. There's a little square pin that fits into a slot in the axle and wheel. This pin, or keyway as they're called are to lock the wheel to the axle.
Twizzel - 20-Jan-17 @ 4:01 PM
i changed a wheel on shoprider delux now got no power to controls although batteries fully charged
bonzo - 19-Jan-17 @ 6:34 PM
changed a wheel on a shoprider delux now theres no power although batteries fully charged
bonzo - 19-Jan-17 @ 6:32 PM
My scooter was cutting out randomly, it was the sprung electrical contacts that were corroded and unreliable. Sorted that, then built a 7 cell 10ah custom lithium battery to increase the range and give it some extra oomph. Also jacking up the suspension, so rougher ground and grass isn't a problem. May fit a brushless motor system and wheelie bars. :)
Twizzel - 19-Jan-17 @ 12:00 PM
my edenshoprider just suddenly went really slow when I was out shopping, it goes at full speed backwards though, any ideas
Jay - 17-Jan-17 @ 8:51 PM
Mick - re jammed power cable. I am not familiar with your scooter but have had a huge number of wheelchairs during my life and learned to service them myself. As i understsnd the problem the power cable is in place and cannot be pulled free?If that's the problem then the easiest thing to do is wrap the the connector (to protect it from force) and then either pull by hand or use a tool like pliers for extra grip. The easiest thing to wrap around a stuck connector is rubber. Get a pair of rubber gloves and cut the cuffs into 2" (4cm) rings - and then cut those open into strips. Wrap enough round the connector to provide a spongy surface - if you are using pliers or similar that spongy surface will protect the connector from being damaged. Now pull. If you don't have pliers or similar tie string really tightly around the spongy rubber to make a large loop - wrap that around your hand and pull. To prevent this endlessly happening have a look at the connector - has it got bent/damaged in any way - if so get it repaired at a mobility shop. If there is anywhere on the connector to which you could easily tie a string handle then consider that too as it will save you the cost of a repair. Finally you can make the connector move more smoothly by taking a candle, or a block of beeswax (from local hardware store) and rub it sparingly in the two surfaces which make the connection. Rub the wax with a warm hand to make sure it isn't forming little lumps but a smooth surface. I hope that helps. Best wishes Eleanor
Elle - 12-Jan-17 @ 4:31 AM
My scooter wont move it makes a grinding noise like a cog jumping abount in motor it jumps very slightly
Stewy - 10-Jan-17 @ 8:02 AM
I have a Free rider Mini ranger. It folds into 4 parts. When assembling for use there is a power lead which connects to the battery via a small (push) lever located next to where the power lead is inserted. Unfortunately the push lever seems to have no sort of spring to it and the power lead is now stuck solid into the battery, it is just impossible to release it and now my wife cannot dismantle it to put into the car. Can anyone please please please help with this problem. Many thanks.
Mick - 9-Jan-17 @ 10:21 AM
I have a rascal mobility scooter says it can go up to 10mph but only seems to go up to 6mph can anyone tell mme what i can do to get it to go 10mph it is a road one.
Wend - 6-Jan-17 @ 1:06 PM
My dads Shoprider Scootie goes REALLY slow, if at all in reverse. I have changed out the Pot switch assembly and even new batteries, but reverse is still very slow.
rock64 - 29-Dec-16 @ 12:19 AM
Mi scutter it's charging ok but it dosen't go!
Black - 27-Dec-16 @ 2:23 PM
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