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Common Problems with Mobility Scooters

By: Jonathan Webb - Updated: 19 May 2017 | comments*Discuss
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The use of mobility scooters has become increasingly popular in recent years, providing many disabled people with a life line to the outside world and giving them an element of independence that would otherwise prove difficult.

Generally speaking, mobility scooters are relatively reliable and need little maintenance. Mobility scooters have two major components. the electric motor and the battery that provides power to the motor along with the lights and horn.


Problems can occur to the battery, such as having to recharge it at regular intervals due to it not holding its charge for long periods. At its worst, this can mean having to put your mobility scooter on charge after every journey. Not only does this limit the distance you are able to travel, due to the chance that your mobility scooter may run out of battery power before you can make a full round trip, but can prove inconvenient as you are unable to make full use of your scooter due to the prolonged down time.

The main cause of batteries unable to hold their charge is old age. The only cure for this problem is to have a set of new batteries fitted. If you choose to have a set of bigger batteries installed, remember that although they may hold more charge, they can also be considerably heavier than normal sized mobility scooter batteries, which in turn means that your mobility scooter is heavier and needs more power to move, which in turn can drain the battery faster. If you are also using your lights on the mobility scooter, the battery's time between recharging will be reduced accordingly.


The electric motor on a mobility scooter is of a relatively simple design and usually quite rugged, able to withstand normal everyday use around towns and cities in most types of weather. It can, however, be damaged by, for example, mounting or dismounting a pavement without a dropped kerb or by driving your mobility scooter through an excessive wet area, such as a deep puddle. It is also possible to damage your mobility scooter's motor by driving through a very dusty or gritty area. The damage may not be immediately apparent, but dirt and grit that enters the motor's moving parts can cause the motor to fail at a later date.


The tyres on your mobility scooter will, at some time in the scooter's life, need to be replaced. This goes for whether they are solid, in filled or pneumatic type tyres.

Solid tyres will eventually need replacing due to general wear and tear, although they will probably last longer than the other two types. Due to their solidness, they are not always a popular choice with mobility scooter users, who prefer a more comfortable ride.

In filled tyres can also last a long time, and give a far superior ride to solid tyres. The main problem with these is that over time they will split and the in fill material, which is usually a spongy like material, will spill out making them unusable. Like any air filled tyre, pneumatic tyres are prone to punctures, in addition to the usual wear and tare.

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Hi I have lost the key for my dma tinta scooter just wondering how to obtain a new key, I've seen them on eBay is it a generic key Thank you
Lady rose - 19-May-17 @ 2:01 PM
i have accidently fully discharged the two batteries on my quingo by leaving the plug in the wall socket and the plug still in the chair.now when pluging in the mains and the plug into the scooter the red power light comes on but no yellow charging light does not illuminate this the batteries are not taking a charge do i need to replace the battries
groovy - 17-May-17 @ 11:33 PM
I need to access the horn wiring on my Quingo Plus mobility scooter. Any advice would be welcome. Many Thanks.
Sunray - 12-May-17 @ 6:57 AM
I need to access the wiring for the horn on a Quingo plus mobility scooter. Any suggestions would be welcome. Many Thanks.
Sunray - 12-May-17 @ 6:54 AM
My dad has a mobility scooter which will work fine for a while and will then just stopthe batteries are fine but it is starting to get unreliable for him any ideas
Phil - 12-May-17 @ 6:39 AM
I have Quingo Plus mobility scooter. I have purchased a DECENT horn for it,(instead of the pathetic beeper). Question is that I do not know how to get the the horn wiring, (I realise that the top of the control unit has to be removed). Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you.
Sunray - 9-May-17 @ 3:08 PM
My OH loses the 'Anti Tip Device' wheels on one side of his Quingo Plus almost daily, no matter how securely he tightens it.Can anyone please help with a tip to keep it in place? X
Freewheeler17 - 7-May-17 @ 4:59 PM
Went to plug in my girl sterling diamond scooter do charge there was some crackling and only one light came home on the charger only charger never started to charge got my brother and in wall charger same thing happened so it is not the charger anybody got any help for me
Smiggs - 7-May-17 @ 4:50 PM
I have a TGA Mystere mobility scooter and my wife has a Freerider Mayfair S and I cannot find the fuses on either machine. I wish to buy the right ones for each scooter as a precaution in case we have a problem whilst out and about.Can you please help me with this. I know both scooters have cut out circuits, do these take the place of fuses? Many thanks, Mike.
M & A - 2-May-17 @ 3:56 PM
The tiller on my goden companion 11 3 wheel scooter is frozen and I'm unable to steer. The tiller also go's all the way forward. Any idea what the problem is?
mike - 29-Apr-17 @ 2:02 AM
[Hi , I have just taken my shoprider deluxe scooter apart and put it back together but now the wheels don't turn when the axle is? I will turn the wheels when they are off the ground.. Any suggestions? Thanks. Daniel - 26-Apr-17 @ 12:08 PM] Have you left the little piece of metal that fits in the notch in the end of the rear axle out ? That would be one thing that would produce such an effect. The little pieces aren't very big and you might not have even spotted them if they dropped out at the time. Skype me, ID = piratecommander.
Pirate - 28-Apr-17 @ 8:44 AM
Hi , I have just taken my shoprider deluxe scooter apart and put it back together but now the wheels don't turn when the axle is? I will turn the wheels when they are off the ground.. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Daniel - 26-Apr-17 @ 12:08 PM
where can I fimnd fuse box in my tga breeze 4 mobility scooter
happy - 19-Apr-17 @ 3:31 PM
I have a shoprider cameo scooter it cuts out randomly sometimes over bumps sometimes on flat it has new batteries and new brushes fitted in motor do you have any ideas.any advise much appreciated
Bif - 14-Apr-17 @ 7:51 PM
I noticed over the past year that the batteries on my Kymco Major were providing less mileage per charge than they used to. Taking the bull by the horns I purchased two new 12v 80ah batteries,fitted them and put the scooter on charge until the batteries were full. Switching on the ignition key the green 'low power' warning light began flashing and the scooter would not move. After a few seconds the light went out altogether then came back on flashing again. I tried the lights and indicators and they worked fine. I connected the new batteries up in exactly the same manner as I took the old batteries out. Has anyone any idea what the problem could be ?
dusty - 12-Apr-17 @ 10:43 PM
Hi have a sterling little gem works fine but there is a problem with the tiller as it keeps falling back. Cant see anywhere on the stem to lock it upright
Dickie - 10-Apr-17 @ 2:33 PM
Hi my Monarch Mobie scooter is being quite temperamental. It is prone to just stopping and I need to switch it off and switch it on again several times before it works. Do I need a new battery or is there a wire loose?-if it is probably a loose wire how can I dismantle my scooter? -to fix the loose wire.
Jo - 9-Apr-17 @ 1:00 AM
My mobility scooter had it's battery replaced. My driveway had a bit of an incline. When I get off the scooter, it roll backwards on its own when I get off. Help!! Thanks
Peggy - 8-Apr-17 @ 9:01 PM
Hi my Monarch Mobie scooter is being quite temperamental. It is prone to just stopping and I need to switch it off and switch it on again several times before it works. Do I need a new battery or is there a wire loose?-if it is probably a looser wire how can I dismantle my scooter?
Jo - 8-Apr-17 @ 2:43 PM
Hi I've had my scooter on charge over night and it won't go any idea
Patty - 8-Apr-17 @ 10:49 AM
Hi , I have put 2 new batteries in my enterprise 3 scooter, and it has been charged for 24 hours ,but will not start, any ideas .
Puffer - 6-Apr-17 @ 7:45 PM
I have a Kymco Super 8 showing Fault code 2, bad connection to the motor. However I've checked all the wires and connections and all seem ok. Its an intermittent fault. Is it possible this fault may lie with the controller?
Philip - 6-Apr-17 @ 10:47 AM
Would driving over rough terrain cause the reset button to be used the paths on my journey into town have been dug up that many times and are so bumpy
Yorkie - 3-Apr-17 @ 4:17 PM
a person gave me a shoprider mobility wheel chair to use, it had 2 batteries in it but they were to small in AH and seem to run slow, I replaced them with larger AH 75 batteries did not speed it up, only runs about 2 2-1/2 miles per hourvery slow it should run about 5.5 Miles per HR.where do I go from here
none - 2-Apr-17 @ 3:10 AM
Just put in two new 12 volt 35 amp batteries in my shop rider scooter,and charged it at least 20hours before I used it .Now after driving about 4 blocksthe level of the batterie indicatorgoes down veryfast,but after driving at least 20 city blocksthescooter seams not to loose power, but the power level is just about empty.
dutchman - 31-Mar-17 @ 10:36 PM
Shoprider Batterie fully charged , butafter a few blocks in the batterie level goes down rapidly, but it seams like not to loose power, just put in new 2 new 12 volt 35 amp batteries.
dutchman - 31-Mar-17 @ 10:27 PM
My Roma Medical has suddenly started at shutting down for no apparent reason. The batteries are reading as fully charged. Has anyone else had this problem?
Patsy - 28-Mar-17 @ 4:19 PM
Hi my partner has a craftmatic4 mobility scooter....and on the way back from the shops it cut out iv'e turned the ignition key and the meter is showing the battery is empty but i only fully charged them yesterday please help....
Limeside - 25-Mar-17 @ 11:32 AM
I have a Pride Go Go Scooter and the battery pack will not seat properly.It does not go all the way down and wobbles when touched.Not making connection.
don't have one - 24-Mar-17 @ 8:02 PM
Batteries show fully charged, but scooter battery level shows empty, any suggestions?
Johnny - 19-Mar-17 @ 8:32 PM
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