Buying a Car as a Disabled Person

Disabled drivers looking to buy a new car have to take a number of things into consideration before making this significant purchase. Adapting Your Car Firstly it is important to find a model that can accommodate your disability including, if necessary, how easy it would be to convert it so …

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What to Do If You’re Disabled and You Breakdown

Breaking down in your car is never a pleasant experience whatever the weather or time of day, but if you are a disabled driver it can be even more frustrating and worrying, especially if you are broken down in the middle of a bus route and unable to move your …

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Adapting a Car for a Disabled Driver

Some disabled people worry that , because of their disability, it will be impossible or very difficult for them to purchase a car or that the costs involved in having a car adapted will be beyond their financial means. This, however, is not always the case and many disabled people …

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