What to Do If You’re Disabled and You Breakdown

Breaking down in your car is never a pleasant experience whatever the weather or time of day, but if you are a disabled driver it can be even more frustrating and worrying, especially if you are broken down in the middle of a bus route and unable to move your car to a location where it will not cause an obstruction.

Should, as a disabled driver, you find yourself broken down the first thing to do is try and remain calm, no matter how difficult this may be. When people are anxious it is not always easy to think straight. If you are lucky, and in a relatively busy area, you may well find someone passing who is willing to assist you, even if it is only pushing your car to the side of the road and getting it out of the way. Although it may be an idea to keep all your doors locked and windows up and just communicate with passers by through a small opening in your window. You can never be too careful when it comes to personal safety. If someone is willing to push, there should be no need to open your doors or windows as you should be able to steer the car yourself.

Carry A Mobile Telephone

There are a number of companies that offer roadside assistance and recovery cover especially aimed at the disabled car driver. These will often give priority to a broken down car with a disabled driver. As with any kind of policy, it is important to shop around to find the best quote that suits your individual needs.

It is important to always carry a mobile telephone with you in the car, along with the details of your insurance company, such as telephone number and insurance policy number, so that in the case of a breakdown you are able to contact them immediately.

Should you break down, whether in the countryside or town, it is important that you know approximately where you are, or at the very least what road you are travelling along. This will help staff reach you as soon as possible. If you are going on a long journey, make a note of the roads you will travel along so you will have an idea of where you are should your car break down.

Another tip is to always carry emergency rations in your car, such as a drink and chocolate, so that if there is a delay in locating you and your car you will not be thirsty or hungry. It is also a good idea to carry a blanket, as once your car engine is turned off it is impossible for the in car heater to function. If you have a torch, this is also a useful item to have at hand.

Should you break down in an awkward position or a position that is close to fast moving traffic, regardless if it light or dark, putting on your hazard lights can act as a warning to approaching traffic that they need to take care.

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