Motorcycle Riding for Disabled Drivers

Many disabled people may think that, depending on their disability, that they will never be able to ride a motorcycle.

Advances in technology have now made the possibility of many disabled drivers taking control of a motorcycle a reality. If you need to carry mobility equipment with you, such as a wheelchair, fold up mobility scooter or crutches, it is worth considering the practicality of attaching a side car to your motorcycle. This will not only offer greater stability, but enable you to take your mobility equipment with you wherever you travel. Some sidecars have ramps fitted at the back to make getting a wheelchair in and out easier.

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Lack Of Leg Or Foot Mobility

If you have a disability that means you have a lack of mobility in your legs, or have had an amputation, it is possible to have your motorcycle’s controls converted from foot operation to ones that can be hand operated.

If the disability affects your right leg it is possible to adapt your bike so that rear brake control pedal can be operated from the handlebar. This can be either a lever, operated by your thumb, or a lever mounted on your handlebar in tandem with another lever, such as a front brake or clutch lever. It may also be possible to locate the brake pedal on the left side of your motorcycle.

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Lack Of Arm Or Hand Mobility

If your left leg is affected it is possible to have push buttons installed on your handlebars to make gear changes. It may also be possible to locate the gear pedal on the right side of the motorcycle. A hand operated lever can also be fitted, enabling you to operate the bike stand.

If you have had an arm amputated it may, depending on which arm, be necessary to have the handle bar brake and acceleration controls etc moved from one side to the other. If you still have the use of your arms, but find it difficulty to operate the twist type accelerator, it may be possible to install an accelerator that can be operated by the thumb.

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Riding A Motorcycle in Your Wheelchair

For those people who want to drive while in their wheelchair there is the option of a 3 wheel motorcycle. This can have a ramp at the rear that allows you to drive your powered wheelchair inside the vehicle. The driving controls, situated on the handlebars, are just like those found on a 2 wheel motorcycle and you can obtain the same speed as a conventional 2 wheeler, although there may a limit on how powerful such purpose built machines are.

Using Stabilisers On Your Motorcycle

If stability when riding your motorcycle is a problem for you, it may be worth considering the use of a third wheel motorcycle or a side car. For people who want to ride a 2 wheel motorcycle without the addition of a side car there is also the option of using a drop down stabiliser.

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