Reduced Rail Fares for Disabled Passengers

Travelling by train can be one of the most relaxing and fastest ways to travel around the country, especially if travelling over a long distance, and receiving a substantial discount on train fares can make it an even more pleasant experience.

You may qualify for the Disabled Persons Railcard if you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult. The Disabled Persons Railcard lets you, and an adult companion travelling with you, to receive a 1/3 off most fares, both standard and first class, in the UK.

A one year card costs just £18 and can pay for itself, depending on the cost of the usual fare, after just one journey. A three year Disabled Persons Railcard is also available at £48.

With the card it is possible to benefit from a 1/3 reduction on: off-peak day singles and returns – anytime singles and returns, anytime day singles and returns, off peak first class anytime day singles and returns, first class anytime singles and returns.

In addition it is also possible to purchase a London all zone off peak day travelcard (subject to a minimum fare) at a discount and on some advance purchase tickets, which are rail company specific, meaning that you can only use them on trains operated by certain companies.

A Disabled Persons Railcard is not valid when purchasing season tickets and travel cards that are valid for longer than a day, special excursions and charter trains and London Underground and Dockland Light Railway services, except when used to purchase an all zone off peak day travel card.

Applying For A Disabled Persons Railcard

It is not possible to purchase a Disabled Persons Railcard at a railway station. To buy your card you must first complete an application form and send it together with payment and proof of disability to Disabled Persons Railcard Office, the address, along with information on where to obtain the Disabled Persons Railcard application form, can be found from station staff.

There is also a helpline and textphone available and it is possible to download information in large print and an audio version for passengers who are hearing impaired. If you have access to a computer it is possible for you to download the application form for a Disabled Persons Railcard off the internet and find out information regarding the postal address of the Disabled Persons Railcard Office.

Qualifying For A Disabled Persons Railcard

To qualify for a Disabled Persons Railcard you should ensure that your application is accompanied by certified proof of your disability. This can include, for example, a copy of your certificate of visual impairment and your award letter showing that you receive disability living allowance at either the higher rate or middle rate for help with your personal care. If you are registered blind or partially sited, a copy of your BD8 certificate should also be sent. If you are epileptic a copy of your exemption certificate that allows you to receive medication free of charge along with your customer copy of your prescription, or a photocopy of your prescription should be sent when applying for your Disabled Persons Railcard.

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