Using a Ring and Ride Service

A significant proportion of disabled people have no access to a private vehicle or find using public transport, such as buses and trains, difficult. Ring and ride is able to provide a door to door minibus vehicle, that has disabled access in the form of low entrance steps and tail lifts, for people of all ages.

In some instances it may be possible to make use of the ring and ride service if you are suffering from a temporary disability, that makes using public transport difficult, such as a broken limb.

Most ring and ride services are available 365 days a year from around 8am until 11pm, but times may vary on a Sunday.

The objective of the ring and ride service is to enable people to make short, local journeys such as to the shops, school, college, hospital appointments, helping you take part in leisure and social activities. Some ring and ride depots also arrange a programme of events for users such as trips to garden centres, pubs and clubs, out of town shopping centres and Christmas shopping trips.

To use the ring and ride service you might first have to register. If you are eligible registration is simple, quick and free of charge. Should you have difficulties using a telephone it is possible to register in writing by completing a registration form.

Booking A Journey

Once you are a registered ring and ride member you are able to make bookings for journeys by telephoning the depot and making a request for the journey that you require. On occasions it may not always be possible to accept your request at the time you want, but you will usually be offered an alternative time if at all possible. It is also very important to book your return journey at the same time if you require to be taken back afterwards.

Try and give at least 24 hours notice before the date you wish to travel and because the ring and ride service is so popular it may take a while to get through on the telephone. It is also possible to make a group pre-booking for people who wish to make a regular journey to the same destination. Should a group wish to book a one off special journey, say to the theatre, it is best to give as much advanced notice as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

If you are a wheelchair user or wish to take items such as a walking frame or shopping trolley, it is very important that you tell the ring and ride depot this when you book your journey. This is so space may be allocated on the vehicle for these items.

If you need to cancel a booking on a ring and ride service it is important to let the depot know as soon as possible, so the seats may be allocated to someone else.

Due to their size, ring and ride minibuses are able to reach most places without any bother, enabling you to be picked up from your door.

Fares for using ring and ride services can vary from local authority to local authority, so you will need to check this at the time of booking. In some cases, often where the ring and ride user is in receipt of a free travel pass, there is no charge for the service. In some instances it may also be possible to bring a companion with you on your journey or dependant children.

In some areas there may be a limited cross boundary service which allows ring and ride users to travel in adjoining operating areas.

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