What is the London Freedom Pass?

Anyone living in London is eligible for a London Freedom Pass as long as they are over 60 years old or have an eligible disability. To find out details of what constitutes an eligible disability contact your local council responsible for issuing the passes. Local councils also have the ability to, at their discretion, provide London Freedom Passes to people who do not fit this criteria.

London Freedom Pass Restrictions

Travelling for free using your London Freedom Pass is very simple, but remember that it can only be used at certain times on certain types of transport around the city. If you need to travel outside of these times, or outside of the area covered by the London Freedom Pass, you will be required to purchase a ticket for your journey.

If you are disabled you are able to travel on most buses free of charge at any time. It should also be noted that the London Freedom Pass is also valid on a number of local bus routes in and around the boundaries of the city, which are not part of the Transport for London network of bus routes.

Since April 2008 most London Freedom passes, for disabled people, are valid on local buses across England, but there may be limits regarding using your pass at certain times of the day. It will only be valid if it contains a red rose logo and bus hologram and has been renewed to show a 2010 expiry date. A small number of travel passes for the disabled, which have been issued at the local council’s discretion, are only for use within London and are marked with the words London Only.

On the tube it is possible for disabled pass holders to travel anytime across the network.

On the national rail network London Freedom Pass holders can travel on most local services, in standard class, between 09.30 and 04.30 the next day, Monday to Friday. At weekends and on public holidays pass holders can travel at anytime. The London Freedom Pass is not valid on rail services operated by some rail companies, so it is essential you find out if your pass is valid before you travel.

If you wish to travel to a station outside of that covered by the London Freedom Pass it is possible to purchase an extension ticket before you board the train. You will probably need to show the ticket office staff your London Freedom Pass at the time you purchase this ticket.

Holders of a disabled freedom pass are able to travel on the Docklands Light Railway at anytime and the same applies for travelling on the Tramlink network.

It is possible for freedom pass holders to receive a discount on many river services that operate along the Thames. Check, before making your journey, that this arrangement applies to the river service you want to use.

To keep your London Freedom Pass in good condition try and keep it in its plastic wallet as much as possible as you do not need to take it out of its wallet to use it, do not put it in your back pocket as it may become damaged when you sit down and keep your pass away from electronic devices such as mobile telephones.

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