Things You Should Consider Before Hiring a Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are a great way to get around when you are less mobile. They can help with getting out and about, going shopping or just enjoying the outdoors again. However, before you hire one it is important that you consider a few things. We have put together some tips for hiring a mobility scooter from our experience of many years of hiring them:

1) Where will I be using my mobility scooter?

2) What size do I need?

3) How much should I expect to pay per day?

4) Do I need any additional insurance cover?

When planning a day out when you are less mobile it is a good idea to consider how far you may need to walk that day and if it would be better for you to hire a mobility scooter, or if you could get there on your own using a wheelchair, walking stick or crutches. If it is going to be more than two miles for example then hiring a scooter may well be the best option.

Planning ahead is a great idea and you can research the local area to see where you can hire a mobility scooter . You may find that the town or city you are visiting only has a few scooters for hire and so demand is high.

Next, it’s important to consider what size mobility scooter will be suitable for your needs. There are three types of mobility scooters: compact, standard and heavy duty. A compact scooter can easily get through a doorway but may not go as fast and be less stable than a standard scooter. A heavy duty scooter is an excellent option if you need to get the best speed possible or your needs are greater, for example if you have severe mobility issues. It may be worth calling the hire company and finding out the types they hire out in advance.

You may want to consider additional insurance cover if hiring a mobility scooter. This is especially important when travelling abroad as it can be difficult to get help if something goes wrong with the rental company’s extensive insurance coverage. Make sure that the company offers added protection such as theft or vandalism and also find out how much excess you will be expected to pay if something does happen. Lot’s of hire companies are not for profit and this may not be something to consider but it is worth mentioning incase you use a private company or they may charge you a deposit which they return when you take the scooter back, in the past I have left between 100-500 which they may take money from should you do any damage to the scooter.

The Costs of Hiring a Mobility Scooter

When hiring a mobility scooter there are two main costs which you should take into account; the daily rental cost and any additional insurance cover such as theft or vandalism protection. The daily hire charge can vary depending on what type of scooter and the place you hire from, many city centre or shopping centres offer hire for free however they usually have limited supply and calling to book one in advance is highly recommended. Most supermarkets have a scooter you can borrow and the cashiers are really helpful, I have enjoyed this in Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s.

What do I do with my wheelchair or walker?

If you use a walking aid already and go to hire a scooter quiet often they will store your walking aid for you when you take the scooter out, it is best to call in advance and check this is the case before going to the hire company.

Ask for help

When you are out on your scooter don’t be scared to ask for help, people will be more than happy to help you with directions, help manoeuvre the scooter or even packing your groceries. From my experience, you may have a few mishaps in small spaces so it is worth asking someone if they think you will get through!

Be considerate and careful

Most people will help you out and move out of the way but it is important to be safe, be considerate and careful when using a mobility scooter. You will find some people may walk in front of you without warning so if you are going too fast you can really hurt someone. There is usually a horn you can use to make someone aware you are there but I wouldn’t use this unless to keep safe as it may cause confrontation.

In conclusion, when it comes to hiring a mobility scooter there are many considerations you should take into account and we hope this article has helped. Good luck with your planning!

If you have severe mobility issues or travel often then renting a heavy duty scooter is the best option for you. I recommend calling in advance if possible.